UAV Regulations / Drone Laws in Brazil

Drone Regulations and Laws in Brazil.

For now drone use is allowed in Brazil, but there are several laws and regulations that need to be followed when flying in the country.

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Airport customs may restrict drones from being brought into Brazil for security reasons. As a result we recommend that you get the ANCINE PERMIT and formally apply for temporary admission. Learn more about ‘Customs clearance‘ at this post.

In Brazil Drones are classified by weight and almost all Drones used for filming and photography are what ANAC calls “Class 3” Drones. The ones that are up to 25kg or 55 Lb.

Basic rules for a Drone with less then 55lb are:
– You must be at least 18 years old to fly a drone in Brazil,
– Drones must be certified by the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC,
You must keep your drone at least 30 meters away from people while in operation,
– Keep your drone within Visual Line of Sight at all times,
– You must operate under 400 feet and under 200 feet in urban areas,
– Do not operate in bad weather,
– Don’t fly close to airports or areas where aircraft are operating.
– You must register your Drone at ANAC and have the registration number of your drone printed in the Drone’s body.

You can register your Drone and find information at this link (in portuguese): is part of 10e20 Filmes, an established production company in Brazil with office in São Paulo. We have an ANAC registered drone that you can hire or we can help you clear your own drone through customs. Check out our Drone Reel:

In any case when you come to Brazil to film you must hire a Brazilian production company registered that ANCINE to be the host company during the shootings. When you hire our company we will be responsible for ensuring compliance to the legislation and for providing assistance for customs clearance of equipment as well as other forms of assistance.

Find out more about Filming in Brazil, Permits and Visas in our site.

10e20 Filmes is the parent company of and we are an Ancine registered company and we can provide all the  film permits, custom clearance, and Visa paper work.

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