Permits for Filming in Brazil


Shooting in Brazil can be challenging, the bureaucracy can be overwhelming and the permits can take some time to be issued. Importing the gear can be a problem and you don’t want to find out about the rules in the customs line at the airport.

10e20 Filmes is an Ancine registered production services company.
We can help you with all the permits, custom clearance and Visas.

ANCINE (Federal Cinema Agency) regulates the shooting of any foreign audiovisual production in Brazil.


By its regulations you must enter into partnership with a Brazilian producer that must be registered at ANCINE, who will report to ANCINE on the foreign producer’s behalf.

All foreign audiovisual productions must comply with this requirement.
In addition to acting as a channel of communication with ANCINE, the Brazilian company is responsible for ensuring compliance to the legislation and for providing assistance for customs clearance of equipment as well as other forms of assistance.

You can find more information at the Ancine’s website.
We also have a post about Visas, check it out.

10e20 Filmes is the parent company of and we are an Ancine registered company and we can provide all the  film permits, custom clearance, and Visa paper work.

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