Renting filming equipment in Brazil.

Most of the bigger film and tv equipment rental companies are located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Here it is possible to get most cameras like the RED, C300, FS7 and lenses. It is also possible to hire Lighting and Grip.  Be prepared to pay a premium, as renting equipment in Brazil can be expensive when compared to the values practiced in the US and Europe. One option is to bring the camera and lenses from abroad and hire heavier equipment here and in this case we can help with the customs clearance of the camera.
Our production company has a great relationship with Film Equipment Hire companies so we can get you the best prices in Brazil.


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Renting Underwater Video Equipment in Brazil

Today I got a call from a German based company and they wanted to rent an underwater housing for their camera or a camera with an underwater housing.

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As I have said in other posts you should try to rent all your gear in your home country. Specially if you come from Europe or USA just because renting equipment abroad is much cheaper then renting it here in Brazil. That is even more true about higher end gear. So if you need any thing better then a 5D, a D800, C100 or a Sony NX5 you are much better if you hire your gear at home.

But in the case of underwater video equipment things get even more complex as you don’t want to flood rented gear, your gear, or in fact, any gear in the middle of your international shoot. I personally don’t trust any rented housing. You will never know how those seals really are holding until you get it under pressure.

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If you really need to rent underwater filming equipment in Brazil my advice is to hire an underwater camera operator that has his own equipment. I can recommend a few world class underwater camera operators with BBC, Nat Geo and Discovery experience.

If you already have an underwater cameraman you should certainly bring the gear with him. We can help you with all the paper work necessary to import your gear to Brazil because we are an ANCINE registered company.

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